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Check your tires! 3 Simple Tips

CHECKING YOUR TIRES IS SIMPLE, easy and helps you get ready for the road ahead. Get in the habit of taking some time every month or before every long road trip to check your tires using THESE QUICK TIPS.

10th Annual Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 Day

Communities all across America observe Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 Day each May 1st. It is a call to action to practice behaviors behind the wheel that work to keep ourselves and others safe on and along roadways. Each of us makes a difference by virtue of the decisions we make behind the wheel. So, […]


You decide which teen finalist will win $5,000 and a behind-the-scenes trip to a Velocity show! Check out the finalist videos here. Then vote for the one that you think does the best job of portraying the importance of safe driving. VOTE HERE

How To...

Need to change a tire? Nervous about icy roads? Get tips, watch tutorials, and learn new skills!